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Our Challenge

Youth unemployment in Nigeria is at 58.1%

The education-to-employment and education-to-entrepreneurship gap exists because many colleges and universities in Africa fail to help students graduate with the skills necessary to compete in today's evolving market and with no direct connection to jobs.  Our nation cannot flourish when talent remains on the sidelines.

Inspire Africa is committed to bridging that gap by equipping young adults with the skills necessary to create or lead sustainable enterprise solutions and adapt to the global workforce -- and the very nature of work in the 21st century.

Who We Are

Inspire Africa for Global Impacts Initiative (Inspire Africa) is transforming the career and life trajectories of a new generation of leaders and entrepreneurs in Africa. 

Launched in 2016, Inspire Africa is a nonprofit organization founded in Nigeria that is equipping underserved youths in Africa with the digital literacy and soft skills necessary to realize their full potential, create jobs, and become change-makers making a difference in the world and progressing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

To help African startups shift to digitization during and post COVID-19, while rapidly gaining the skills needed to foster entrepreneurship and create new technologies, businesses, and jobs. Inspire Africa launches its digital version of the Ignite Innovation Lab in July 2020.

In 2021, we are launching a new workforce training program for undergraduates in Nigeria that will help them navigate the workforce shift to succeed in today's evolving global market.


Explore Our Programs

Ignite Innovation Lab

IGL Digital Transformation, is an online hackathon and incubator that provides lessons on human centered design-thinking and is committed to equipping youths in Africa (age 19 - 28) with the skills necessary to create digital enterprise solutions that are progressing the Sustainable Development Goals and adapt to the global workforce—and the very nature of work in the 21st Century.

LIFT Capstone Project

An innovative and comprehensive Capstone project model that offers a blended learning experience. LIFT prompts recent graduates to think critically and solve  problems for Midsized  corporations by applying design thinking to real-life projects, developing the soft skills they need to succeed in business environments and increasing ROI.

The Winning Streak

A book and workshop on fundraising, The Winning Streak supports entrepreneurs in their journey to raise capital or grants for their business or NGOs.


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Our Impact

Youths trained.



Business ventures funded.



Jobs created.


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Our emerging leaders are the most promising and best talent across sectors.



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"Inspire Africa has been impacting entrepreneurs through practical training enabling them to develop sustainable solutions to problems in societies. Having had the privilege to attend their programs and work with them, I have made lasting connections through its community of entrepreneurial leaders."

- Helen Chinoso Onyemaobi

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