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Interested in learning how to establish capital and take off

your very own business venture?


Get The Winning Streak  today!

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About the Author

Many people and organizations struggle to raise money for their businesses, non-profit and projects. Mene Blessing has successfully raised money for his business and non-profit work and has taught thousands of other people how to successfully do the same.


In "The Winning Streak”, international entrepreneur and multi-award winner, Mene Blessing teaches takes you on a guided journey on how you can successfully raise capital and establish your organization for long term success. Using stories, examples and easy-to-understand language, Mene Blessing has made a complex topic, easy to understand and navigate. He puts in your hands the proven secrets of successfully raising money for any business, start-up or non-profit. This book shows you exactly how to mobilize the needed financial resources you need to establish your ideas, implement your programs, and fund your organizations. At its best, “The Winning Streak” presents practical wisdom and easy to apply steps for success. And most importantly this book is the perfect guide to train people and organizations who want to raise money or are struggling with raising money. Enjoy every bit of it!


Mene Blessing is an international entrepreneur, business author, multi-award winner, and strategic leader. His mission is to help people and organizations prosper economically. Mene is the co-founder of Inspire Africa for Global Impact initiative, Cascador and Vetsark Limited—organizations that have trained and served thousands in more than 12 countries. He serves on the board of several companies and nonprofits in Nigeria and internationally. For his innovations, Mene has received international and local awards including from Google, Ashoka, Global Good Fund, University of Cambridge, Indiafrica, Univerity of Washington, International Youth Foundation, Skoll World Forum for Social Entrepreneurship ELI, several international business schools, among others. He lives in Nigeria with his wife and two sons.

Making Notes

"Why listen to this author? Simple, he knows his onions, his guava and anything else he offers in this book. Mene has risen to master the art (or science) of winning grants and raising funds for ideas and projects. With over 20 awards, both local and international, he wears the marks of a veteran winner, well."


- David Nwajiuuba,
Port Harcourt City

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