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Team 8: VaccReminder

 A digital reminder for vaccination schedule.

The Team:

Olutola Awosiku

Adewunmi Akingbola

Ololade Oduola

Adebiyi Sefiyat Odunola


There is a high under 5 mortality rate due to low immunization coverage. 22% of childhood deaths have been attributed to vaccine preventable diseases . The global immunization coverage goal for all vaccines is 90% and many countries have achieved 85%. In Nigeria however , it is still 25%. The major factors contributing to this problem include poor education of caregivers on immunization, delay in meeting vaccination appointments by caregiver, misconception of routine immunization and unavailability of vaccines. According to WHO, the vaccine coverage for many vaccines is still too low and we keep missing out on saving many lives. There is also the problem of unavailability of data and as a result it is difficult to know where exactly has been covered in terms of vaccination and the areas that need more attention. 


Our solution is an online digital application that will notify infant caregivers of their children’s vaccination appointments and save the child vaccination history. It will also train community health extension workers on how to map areas in the community to know which households have been vaccinated and which haven’t. 

According to WHO, only 35% of children globally received rotavirus vaccine which prevents diarrheal diseases which are one of the leading causes of infant mortality. Our application will help track and improve  vaccination coverage by sending reminders to caregivers and providing data for analysis that will in turn give insight to areas where more work needs to be done.


Link to Prototype:

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