Team 7: 7farms Enterprise

A convenient way for farmers to reach a broad customer base and efficiently deliver products to buyers.

The Team:

Chris Jim

Ghislain Niyongabo

Emmanuel Tinuoye

Sofiat Sonibare


From a survey conducted on rural farmers in South Western Nigeria, 100% of the respondents experience low sales due to a low customer base and face challenges with transporting farm produce from their farms to desired locations. 

The specific problem we are working to solve is that of poverty. According to a report on Aljazeera in May, about 40% of Nigerians (more than 82 million) live below $1 per day. With the emergence of COVID-19, there has been an increase in job loss and a rise in price of commodities, which indicate a rise in existing poverty levels, both locally within our immediate community and globally.

Low sales and patronage experienced by farmers, especially those in rural areas will inevitably contribute to rising poverty levels, which will lead to further degradation of the Nation.


Our solution, 7farms Enterprise is an e-commerce platform. It helps to connect farmers in rural areas to a global customer base, and help them with requisite logistics. 7farms works with internet enabled devices. It accommodates three sets of people: farmers, agents and buyers. Agents exist to assist farmers without the requisite technology. When a buyer logs on, he/she has a variety of commodities and farmers to choose from. Upon decision on which product to patronize, the buyer directly places an order on the platform or contacts the farmer, depending on the farmer’s desired method. Payment and confirmation of receipt of the commodity is done on the platform.