Team 38: Instant Care Telemedicine

A unique integrated  telemedicine  product that guarantees easy access to care for a patient at an affordable cost. 

The Team:

Oluwafemi Ogunyemi

Ryan Murerekwa

Ifeoluwa Adesokan

Kawira Gitonga


High cost of transportation to the nearest care Centre, long queues in hospitals, non-availability of Doctors and challenges of locating medical record files right on time are major deterring factors militating against seeking medical help when they are down with identified preventable illnesses that cause  most deaths to average Nigerians. These challenges more than often  militate against access to basic healthcare, thereby encouraging average Nigerians to adopt alternative treatment options.


Our primary goal is to enable patients’ easy access to health care  by creating a technology or digital solution that will remove the tardiness  associated with the current health process and system in Nigeria. Our integrated Telemedicine solutions include the use of smart medical wristwatch, Smart Telemedicine Kiosk for responsive care, and EMR/EHR web/mobile platform for telemedicine  consultation and patients data transfer, tackle each of the highlighted challenges at their respective tardy points.

our solution is consciously human-centered and device agnostic; it is reliably accessible to both educated and non-educated users and you can stay connected from your wristwatch, desktop, tablet, mobile device or just by your Medical Card in the Kiosk.

Our solution makes basic care conveniently accessible and affordable, beyond consultation.