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Team 37: Farm Better

A social enterprise that will assist rural and smallholder farmers in Eastern province of Rwanda in the area of food production, farm productivity and digitizing the farm industry.

The Team:

Oloruntoba Agboola

Joel Idiaghe

Precious Bioku

Jean Bizumuremyi


46% of study households in Rwanda did not have sufficient food available in Southern and Eastern Rwanda, rising food demand is estimated to increase by at least 20% globally over the next 15 years with the largest increases projected in sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia and East Asia. The scale of the problem is very high because small scale farmers in the Eastern province of Rwanda achieve low in their post-harvest,  few reasons like lack of  fertilizers, pesticide, a lot of this farmer still use traditional irrigation systems

Unemployment Extreme poverty and hunger are predominantly rural, with smallholder farmers and their families making up a very significant proportion of the poor and hungry. Thus, eradicating poverty and hunger are integrally linked to boosting food production, agricultural productivity and rural incomes.


Farmbetter proposed a solution to get grants, funds and partnership to provide farms with farm input, drone technology for irrigation, fertilizer and pesticide at low cost, to reduce labour and resource cost. A digital marketplace will also be provided to connect directly with consumers like NGO, retailer, Foodbank, Government institutions, Supermarket and store, restaurant. If our solution is scaled globally, it will reduce hunger in the world and help farms to reach a wider audience for their good and service, reduce the unemployment rate in the world, increase food security.

Our mobile application will be named Farmbetter marketplace connects farmer products with the consumer like government institutions, NGO, Supermarket and store, restaurant,  The application will be available on Google play store.The application will have two modules, one for the consumer and the other for the Farmers. In the consumer modules, there will be a notification button to inform them about new and uploaded products. Likewise in the Farmers module, there will be a  section for them to display their goods and also be notified when somebody makes purchases from them. Also there will be FAQs and Application guide sections for newbies in order to know what the application is all about and what it stands for.


Link to Prototype:

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