Team 35: Maluso

A mobile platform that provides online programs in 21st century transferable skills to youths in Nigeria.

The Team:

Kisha German

Hussain Hamzah

Zahara Nabriye

Oluwatobi Jolayemi


Rapidly changing job requirements combined with limited job growth is threatening the security of jobs in many countries, and most especially in Nigeria. The current number of unemployed youths in Nigeria is over 13.9 million and low-skill workers are growing in number. The current situation demands for workers with transferable skills, ICT skills and mastery of new technologies remain unmet. One contributing factor to the paucity of skills is the low completion rate of online programs designed to equip youths with the necessary skills.

The global completion rate of online training programs is below 20% and many challenges like internet data and time management have contributed to these low rates.


Maluso is a mobile platform that provides nano degrees in 21st century transferable skills to youths in Nigeria. By offering affordable programs, in-app incentives, and a peer-to-peer learning model, Maluso is ensuring that youths living in Nigeria gain the necessary skills to remain relevant in the modern world. Our solution is dedicated to eliminating these challenges while upscaling youths to the demands of the future of works.  Our platform is tasked to equip youths from Nigerian tertiary institutions in the skills that will serve as prerequisites for future jobs.

Maluso is looking to positively impact the lives of 10, 000 youths in Nigeria in the next 3 years.