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Team 32: The Next Entrepreneur

A comprehensive digital entrepreneurship training program that addresses  the question of startup failure and youth unemployment by offering vital financial, interpersonal skills, an idea exchange platform prerequisite for business Upscale.

The Team:

Michael Malala

Veronica Okachi


According to recent world bank statistics 40% of Sub-Saharan African youths are unemployed or are engaged in small scale business which is mainly for survival. Most students who own small businesses in this regions are facing the challenge of effective saving, managing their finance and planning. By creating a platform to teach financial skills and encourage idea exchange.


The Next Entrepreneur is a two month training platform that seeks to change the whole perceived concept about small businesses by capitalizing on relevant vital information required to be understood from starting and up scaling of business. The whole training course is divided into two modules

Module one Financial skills- For one month

Module two Interpersonal skills- For a month

At the completion of the course students will be required to develop a project if unemployed use interpersonal skills such as communication to convince investors or banks who we will partner with  of viability of their idea for commencement .

The trainings will capitalize digital platforms such as whatsapp and telegram to decimate information via short animated videos and audio recordings according to ones individual needs

For small businesses owners apart from the above skills they will be segmented but taking account no industry will be represented twice in a single group this will facilitate referrals and idea exchange

Continuous assessment via google forms will be conducted to measure the extent of understanding.

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