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Team 30: MineTek

Teach Nigerian undergraduates relevant skills that are needed in the world of work and outsource them to companies.

The Team:

Samuel Waitathu

Agre Lionceau

Judgewill Churchill

Elizabeth Emmanuel


In Nigerian, an estimate of 500,000 students graduate every year, 60% of which are unemployable because they lack the relevant skills required by the market.

According to the Nigerian National Bureau of Statistics, in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 55% of the working population are either unemployed (27.1%)  or underemployed(28.6%). 
Also, 61% startups that could provide job opportunities in Nigeria fail within their first 3 years due to lack of tech experts which we intend to create and deploy among other reasons. The global market also witnesses a high rate of startup failures amidst the over 50 million startups that launch every.
This we believe will drastically  reduce especially in Nigeria as we nurture fertile minds to develop sustainable solutions.


At MineTek, we equip students with skills required by SMEs and StartUps, primarily digital marketing and software development skills and outsource them to our partner startups or SMEs requiring their service. Currently, there are over 150million startups in the world, with about 40million new launches every year and about 130,000 births per day. Majority of this fails due to lack of skilled software developers who are competent to turn their expectation to reality.

Our solution is simple, we teach Africa youth all about digital marketing and then pair them with SMEs on the continent for a 3 months paid digital apprenticeship. We pair two individuals, give them 3 months to learn all they can about digital marketing from aggregated sources such as Facebook Blueprint and Google Analytics Academy among others. The learning shall be hands on and collaborative, mixing videos, and real life case studies on the African continent, with tests at the end of each section. They will then have to choose a business or social change track to undertake the apprenticeship. An AI algorithm will then match the students to respective organizations who are partnering with us, for a period of 3 months and they get to earn a small stipend. After which they can opt to stay on the job as well as come back and up-skill to a more challenging skill set such as coding and data science.



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