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Team 29: Agrinect

The Team:

Victor Daniel

Batshidi Selebogo

Egwuchukwu Melody


We are working on solving the problem of marketing and transportation of farm produce in Nigeria, due to the facts that a lot of smallholder farmers in Nigeria don’t know how or where to put out their products for sale as well as a lot of buyers also don’t know where to go about buying.  Moreover, the issue of long chains of middlemen and transportation has been one of the major issues ravaging the agricultural sector in Nigeria and globally. Studies have shown that inadequate transport provision leads to the total waste of 25% of the total agriculture foodstuff produced, transportation also influences the cost of commodity consumed and the purchasing power of the consumers. According to the study carried out in Ilorin East, South-west part of Nigeria, majority (76%) of the farmers earned less than 150,000 annually from their farm produce and they resulted from the lack of affordable and convenient transport facilities (transport vehicles) to convey their farm products.


Agrinect is a sustainable enterprise which uses online digital based platform to design a new and innovative approach to e-commerce for farmers in Nigeria by providing an all in one e-commerce, marketing and transportation platform that helps smallholder farmers in Nigeria to market and transport their produce to their target market and buyers in a cost effective manner thereby increasing market access, reducing food speculation and eliminating middlemen costs on farm produce. If this project is scaled globally it will tend to improve the source of income and jobs for poor rural households all over the world as well as achieving food security and providing sustainable solutions that would end hunger in all its forms by 2030 thereby advancing the SDGs.


Link to Prototype:

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