Team 26: RaDS

An application that functions mainly to send a distress signal to nearby individuals in a community to help stop rape.

The Team:

Edwin Okorocha

Joseph Oluwatobi

Ebenezer Okoidigun

Sarah Iwenwa

Esther Odor


According to dailies from two large nations, Nigeria and South Africa , 90% of rapists are known to be within the age range of 18-55. Perpetrators have been identified to be either friends, colleagues, school mates or family relatives. 

Statistics have shown that yearly in South Africa, up to 500,000 cases are reported, in China- up to 31,000 cases, in Egypt- over 200,000 cases. It can be iterated that like a champion in an arena the crime -- rape -- has had many bodycounts added to its eerie status. And yearly, the percentage only merely fluctuates between 2-5% owing to the proactive actions and resilient contribution of concerned individuals.

A lingering problem with combatting rape is that its broadness and reach is not limited to the modern communities, but also, the rural and sub-urban regions of the world. Also that certain factors have been limiting the effectiveness of solutions proffered. Ones such as; remoteness, infrastructures, economy amongst many others.  I could go on with the statistics, but i'm sure we understand the gravity of this case as it is not something that escapes the ear of individuals due to its global influence.


Rape has taken many forms through the decades past and has rooted its way into the heart and mind of the society. In some as a means of pleasure,  others a devastating experience. We aim to help alleviate this by the use of an application that functions in two forms: sensitizing individuals on rape and serving as a tool to help users REACH the required help. It accounts for Two possibilities: saving a user in time by leading the closest sets of individuals to the user's location & upon implementation gathering proof that may he used in gaining an advantageous stand in a rape case. 

A pertinent issue that we’re always faced with in the fight against rape is the unwillingness of the victims to speak out against this. Majorly because the act is considered “futile”. Our application would be giving the world a voice in unison, in the fight against rape.

Solutions proffered to combatting rape are often streamlined and directed to the female gender, failing to account for the remaining 48% of the of the world male population below the age 20. Our solution is core to becoming a valuable tool that can be implemented by both genders, young and old. 

It is known that Internet connectivity is a major hurdle, a delimiting factor to the effective implementation of application based ideas. But our solution is devices with a concept in countering this problem.