Team 24: Design and Operation of Concentrated Solar Tower Plan in Nigeria

The Team:

Timothy Aderogba

Daniel Omokpariola

Deborah Ayoola

Samuel Odegbo


Small and medium scale enterprises in Nigeria are constantly in need of cheap and sustainable electricity as they utilize fuel-powered generators or incorporate them together with electricity from the National grid.

In Nigeria, electricity has always been an issue due to dependence on fossil fuels turbine generators and hydro-powered generators that have produced 5000 - 8,000MW capacity which is insufficient according to Sungas Project report (2012) who proposed 160,000MW to meet current energy demand in Nigeria. Most upcoming businesses have failed as the cost of servicing electricity is enormous to assist them compete efficiently in Nigeria. A number of factors has led to electricity scarcity in Nigeria which include low generating plants which meet growing energy demand, outdated transmission line and stations that has not be upgraded by government agencies, insecurity and social unrest 

Solar energy has been getting increasing demand in Nigeria as photovoltaic systems are not efficient to meet SMEs needs from cost, maintenance and change of photovoltaic systems. Thermal energy from the sun is not utilized in Nigeria. According to the Get-Invest report (2020): “5% of suitable land in northern Nigeria has potential to generate over 42,700 MW of electricity from thermal energy from the sun.”


We propose the design and operation of a modular concentrated solar tower plant  to produce electric power by converting sun’s energy into high temperature heat using various mirror configurations. The heat is channelled through a conventional generator. Concentrated solar tower plant is aimed to revolutionize the energy needs of SMEs as it will increase economic productivity in Nigeria. If globalize, it will create massive economic growth to nations as electricity will be so cheap  as the Sun is free to harness and releases free electricity of over 7 terawatt yearly.

In comparison to existing electricity generating companies in Nigeria, which includes gas driven turbine and hydro-powered turbine, installed solar photovoltaic grids and small generators. 

We have comparative advantage as Nigeria's total generated capacity is around 8,000MW that is not sufficient as it is sold to highest bidders thus leaving the SMEs to struggle with use of fuel powered generators that is costly to maintain. 

We anticipate to implement this project to generate electricity between 50,000 and 100,000 MW to make electricity cheap for SMEs and Nigerians