Team 22: Jayoma International

A women empowerment scheme that helps rural women in trade to sell to the urban and international market.

The Team:

Jephthah Adelowo

Stephen Awolola

Akpesiri Rhigho

Hammed Sheriffdeen


Over 1000 thousand women in the south-south of Nigeria are into one form of business whose services are needed in the cities and even internationally but they cannot sell to these potential buyers because they do not have contact with these people while some do not have requisite knowledge to present their product attractively and most do not have mentors who guides them to make excellent business decisions therefore making them go out of business within 3-5 years of starting up.


Jayoma International provides an online and on-site platform that has a large database of consumers/clients/customers/potential customers where young women can sell their products/services.  It uses physical shops, freelance marketing, online marketing, meetings and one-on-one sessions remotely.