Team 19: One-9 Health

Providing optimum mental healthcare to people suffering mental illness by connecting them to therapists and psychiatrists.

The Team:

Opeyemi Etiwe

Isola Titilola

Rukwende Diyo


Nigeria has Africa's highest caseload of depression, and ranks 15th in the world in the frequency of suicide. There are less than 150 psychiatrists in this country of 200 million, and WHO estimates that fewer than 10 percent of mentally ill Nigerians have access to the care they need.

The stark difference between Nigeria's need for better psychiatric care - and the resources available - is illustrated by the healthcare gaps at Yaba psychiatric hospital, which had a 2018 budget of 133 million naira ($372,000) - but only 13 million naira ($36,000) or less than 10 percent of that amount released by the federal government. 

More than half of all mental illnesses remain untreated leading to worsening mental conditions, chronic physical health problems, job stability issues, trauma and suicide.


Our solution uses modern day technology to cater for mental health as opposed to traditional therapy that is expensive, and inaccessible to everyone. The One-9 platform would offer services such as.

1-  Professional but affordable therapy (from medical professionals and clinical psychologists)

2-  Support groups for joint therapy

3-  Educational Blog for campaigns and awareness for mental health and stigmatization

At One-9, we're set to change lives one step at a time using the power of technology.