Team 17: DelTrans

DelTrans is a digital platform connecting online business owners with delivery agents at their business locations, to ensure timely and reliable delivery of products to their customers.

The Team:

Gregory Idu

Maria Ebenezer


Thousands of small business owners sell their products solely online and finding reliable delivery agents is the key to propelling their businesses forward. 


These business owners often experience  problems with delayed delivery of products, high monetary costs and are unable to find delivery agents located closely to their business places. These challenges are more prevalent in Lagos due to the large population and traffic. Recent statistics from Jumia on scale and operations, showed that  50% of deliveries in 2019 were made in Lagos, hence an increased need for efficient and timely delivery service, starting in Lagos, Nigeria, even as we plan to scale our solution across Africa's most populated cities and globally.


Our solution provides a digital platform for online business owners to have direct access to reliable delivery agents located at their business locations, who would deliver their products within 24 hours. With our solution, online business owners can easily download our mobile app to find a directory of delivery agents with the nearest proximity  to their business locations, hire them directly and also track them to the point of delivery.  

With many businesses around the world diverting online to scale their customer base, our solution would support these businesses globally to continue to run smoothly by enabling them the easiest access to reliable delivery agents at their business locations.


Link to Prototype: