Digital Independence Teacher Hiring for Children (DIGITEACH).

The Team:

Alade Julius Ayodeji

Nneoma Ogbuefi Enyia


It was deduced from our research that children are already following the detrimental trend seen in the case of adults taking online courses. This is because children are easily distracted and do not have the discipline to focus on eLearning (both on the internet and on the television).

Alexander O. Onukwue in her journal published on May 18th, 2020 titled “For parents, helping with children's eLearning has its strains” stated that parents have to become a co-teacher if they really want their children to learn from virtual classrooms; a role that many parents cannot play based on their busy schedules, education and other factors.

If education becomes fully electronic, many children in the nearest future may gradually become uneducated. Our solution is to bridge this gap for the future of the education of the next generation.


Our solution is a website where parents can hire our trained digitally proficient teachers for their children. These teachers are Professional tutors in various subjects, disciplines, and children's age-grade education. Parents can log in to our website and choose a from the list of teachers that are available within a few kilometres buffer from their geographic location.

On hire, our teachers will go to the house or preferred location of our clients with the necessary digital education tools in various subjects to teach the children.

Parents and probably children will have the opportunity to review the service the teacher that they hire periodically for customer satisfaction surveys.