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Team 11: Skill Up Nigeria

Our solution creates an offline and online platform where both graduates and undergraduates acquire the requisite skills that are needed for job placements and aid their start ups.

The Team:

Joshua Oludiji

Blessing Bossman

Tariladei Tonkiri

Saidu Iggi

Prince Ubochi


The specific problem we are trying to solve is unemployment of graduates and undergraduates due to the fact that they were not taught the innovative and digital skills employers are looking for.

In our communities, the rate of vices perpetrated by unemployed population has reached a tipping point. Hence, to restore reasonable normalcy within our society, undergraduates and graduates who are unemployed must be engaged and supported so that they'll have something doing.

Another reason why Nigeria has so many educated and jobless people is that there is a mismatch between the skills that workers have and the skills needed in the jobs available. Many educated people are not trained to suit the demand of employers. This is attributed to the poor alignment between labour market needs and the curriculum the education system teaches. There is a wide gap between theory and practice in universities, such that it becomes difficult to apply taught courses to real-world issues. Instances have been given of people who graduate with a degree in computer engineering but still have never used a computer.


Skill Up Nigeria is committed to solving the problem of graduates and undergraduates not having the requisite skills that are needed by employers for today's workforce.

Our solution is to train graduates and undergraduates in order for them to have these skills. 

If scaled globally, our solution will not only make our target audience to be employable, it will also aid their start ups, they will in turn be employers of labour thereby creating  job opportunities.

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