Team 10: Farmers Market Africa

An online marketplace designed to eradicate wastage of farm inputs, land and farm produce for women and smallholder farmers in Africa. It offers consultation and premium markets.

The Team:

Ibrahim Garba

Ayisha Affo Souleymane

Tafadzwa Chikwereti

Abubakar Abdullahi


The main problems are wastage and hunger in Africa, where in a typical Sub-Saharan African country such as Zimbabwe, smallholder farmers produce 20 million  tonnes and a third of that is wasted before it finds consumers, yet also in the same country 7.7 million people are hungry according to “WFP”. 

In Sub-Saharan Africa, post-harvest food losses are estimated to be worth US $ 4 billion per year - or enough to feed at least 48 million people. Throughout Africa, almost 50 percent of the food produced is wasted. This amount of food is enough to feed 300 million people on the continent.  “UN Environment”. 

With current growth rates, the population in Africa will double in 2050 hence less land and more people. With contributing factors being wastage of inputs such as water and fertilizer where 40 % of fertilizer applied ends up in rivers and 70% water. “Wired”  

Now these compounded problems are resulting in the pollution of bodies of water, widespread hunger and poverty ravaging the continent.


Our solution is an online marketplace designed to eradicate wastage of farm inputs, land and farm produce for women and smallholder farmers in Africa by giving smallholder farmers access to premium markets to sell their produce to directly, a seamless way to purchase farm inputs combined with free consultation  services for farmers to get tailored, specific information to efficiently use inputs such as water, fertiliser and inputs according to their soil, climate and farm structure, whilst also reprocessing and drying unused produce such as meat and vegetables. 

We empower smallholder farmers by increasing their productivity and eradicating waste which drastically improves profit and simultaneously eliminates hunger, when if food is delivered where its needed. 

The solution's main target is the hungry (according to UN standards)  and smallholder farmers. Smallholder farmers are the backbone of African economy producing the greater bulk of consumed food yet 70 % of them are in poverty. “UN” They are mainly poor because they have low productivity on their farms as even the greater chunk of inputs is wasted, our solution will help these farmers be able to fully utilize their input to meaningfully reduced cost on inputs by only purchasing inputs they will use.It will reduce wastage and increase profit margins.


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