Team 1: Exito

A digital platform that  aggregates demands from offtakers and offers it to the farmers as a market; while also providing farmers with real-time market information.

The Team:

Isaac Popoola

Alexander Ochelle

Babafemi Kajewole


Nearly 40% of Nigeria's population lacks access to reliable food, and spend half of their income on food. On the other hand, about N12 billion worth of agricultural produce in Nigeria perishes annually from the point of harvest to point of delivery at the markets - as numerous small-scale farmers do not have direct market access and effective storage means.

Fortunately, the bare half of the total produce finds its way to the market when farmers sell to middle-men who preserve them on a small or medium scale, transporting them to the local markets for final sales. The implication of this is a direct increase in the price of these food products as the cost of storage and transportation has to be recovered in cases where there are multiple middle men, and many times, a decline in the quality of the farm produce due to long storage hours. 

As a result of these, the importance of effective storage and distribution cannot be underemphasized. With the advent of modern methods and techniques, the implementation of a well-planned-out scheme for the logistics of the agricultural sector on a large scale will go a long way in curbing the lost economic value. 


Our solution is a mobile enabled platform that aggregates demands from offtakers and provides them as a market for our preselected network of farmers, while also ensuring that they have access to real-time market information.

As a result of the high rate of spoilage recorded by small scale farmers, our business aims to utilize that opportunity, making profit off this marginal loss. Initial implementation would commence with the enrollment of a preselected network of reliable farmers, dealing mainly with fruits and vegetables. 

Technologies today are currently disrupting every industry, not leaving the Agricultural industry behind in almost every aspect. With the aid of digital technologies and social media, we can aggregate the demands from offtakers and ensure that it is evenly distributed among the farmers based on the produce requested for. Temperature controlled storage systems and reusable plastic crates would be utilized in our collection point to allow the crops to be stored in good conditions from the point of collection to final delivery. 

Link to Prototype: