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Tips for taking your business online

Are you thinking of growing your business’s online presence? That’s probably a good idea. Today, more and more consumers are purchasing, and even getting basic services, online. This is a trend that will be with us for generations and enterprises everywhere have already begun adapting to it. Here are 6 hacks on making the most of what your startup has to offer to digital customers...

1. Build your company website.

A good place to start is building a website. The advent of mobile phones has led to the increased drive-in mobility, users are gaining access to all things at all times with just a simple tap. Almost always, when a customer is looking for a service or product, they will be hoping to find a company website with just exactly what they are hoping for.

You don’t have to be an expert website developer to create one that works for your business. Content Management Systems (CMS) are designed to make amateur website developers experts and you can get free as well as premium plans, both of which will bring different advantages to the table. Again, you will have to weigh out what works best for your startup. It will, however, require some initial capital and also some money to maintain it.

With the website, you can direct customers to and from your social media pages to access your products and services easily. They can also make purchases from the same website making it easier for you to meet demand on the market. You can follow up on customers who subscribe to your newsletters or company updates through the same website.

2. Use google my business...

Google my business is a means through which customers can identify you using google map.

It requires you to set up your company, profiling the details on location address, company’s contact and description of products or services as well as opening and closing hours of the day. So, when one searches your company online, he or she is more likely to find your contact details and directions leading to your company all on google search.

3. Or create an app.

Alternatively, you can develop a mobile application. Creating an app for your business makes it easier for customers to easily reach you while delivering notifications to app users becomes simplified. It may be costly though, and you may want to have a good budget for a very good and attractive application. You'll need a good web developer to build and maintain your app. for With an application, google my business will be just as effective.

4. Email marketing is effective.

Assuming you have customers who are already using your products or have shown interest in your products, email marketing helps you to segment your customers and deliver relevant information to them appropriately. It works well when the company has a website already. When users subscribe to emails, you can reach them with your offers.

Perhaps the good thing about email marketing is that you will be able to tell if they are opening your emails or not. Do not be worried if customers start unsubscribing. Sometimes, they have just found the solution elsewhere and don’t want you to waste time anymore on them

5. Search engine optimization too.

SEO simply means redesigning your website and posts on your website so that users who search for the same or similar product will see your results on the first page of the search engine he or she is using, which is down to using keywords.

With tools like SEMrush, you can identify which keyword your customers are searching and that can give you a clue on how to work around your blog or post to ensure they appear on the first page of the browser.

If you have created your google my business account, then from there you can proceed to bid on keywords that your customers are searching and anytime someone types in that keyword, google shows your ad mostly on top of the search engine. This is called search engine marketing. You only pay for an ad that appears on the browser for that keyword only when the user clicks on the ad. This is one of the ways of getting the intended customers to your website.

6. Always try to use videos.

Videos are arguably the best means of engaging with your customers. Today, people consume videos more often than any other content. All social media giants have made the most of the demand for video content before.

This means that video content has a greater chance of appealing to your clients. Considering current trends, you can curate content that can easily reach thousands, growing your market base exponentially. Quality videos always perform better so be sure to package

and edit the video compellingly.

* Contributed by Cynthia Mene - CEO, Inspire Africa, and Obed Imbahafi- IGL 2020 Alumnus

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