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LIFT fellows tell us about their experience so far

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

It's over six weeks since we launched the LIFT Capstone Project. Our fellows share their personal experiences of how the LIFT program has given them leadership, organizational and workplace skills. Hear from six fellows on what they've learned so far.

Clinton Ndubuisi:

LIFT has been engaging, inspiring, testing, but, most importantly, it has been a wonderful experience.

For over 6 weeks, we have been developing innovative business solutions to problems for reputable mid sized corporations- Afrimash ( the number one Online Destination for Farmers), and NEAT Microcredit (a microfinance institution based in Nigeria), and this has been the most exciting aspect of the LIFT capstone project.

LIFT has also made me learn a lot even about myself, like how i work in teams and i have been even more encouraged by the willingness of the companies to let the LIFT fellows help them develop strategic solutions to their challenges.

Akpesiri Rhigho: Project Manager- Team B

The LIFT Capstone project has given me new light on entrepreneurship. Seeing that an organization can outsource some of it's integral functions is awesome!

Talking about the few modules I have gone through, great content as always from Inspire Africa. I have learnt time management and task delegation which has helped me in my role as my team's project manager.

The mentors are so inspiring and ask questions that one doesn't even think about. This has made the program a really innovative one that more companies should look to employ.

My respect goes to my team members (Clinton and Nnamso), also to the project supervisors (Ebenezer and David), and Cynthia Mene for making the project easier and more exciting. Thank you Inspire Africa for this rare and unique opportunity.

Nnamso Esu:

The LIFT capstone program has helped me foster and build great entrepreneurial skills and competency, as well as gain a whole lot of practical experience.

Through the program, I have connected with NEAT Microcredit, a company which happens to be in line with my business. This has opened a partnership opportunity for me. Without LIFT, I would not have had the opportunity to know or connect with NEAT Microcredit.

Through the capstone project, I have also built a very strong relationship with my project team. My project manager, Akpesiri Rhigho, is a super woman.

I have learnt that one of the most valuable skills an entrepreneur like me can have is human resource management. I have learnt a lot from the courses and I have really enjoyed the practical approach that LIFT takes to educate us.

I hope to use the experience gathered from the capstone project to further grow my business. I am eternally grateful for this program as it has equipped me with knowledge, skills needed to move my business forward.

Emily Mogano: Project manager- Team A

As a project manager on the LIFT Capstone Project by Inspire Africa, I have encountered several difficulties and problems that require an innovative approach to team management.

Working with Shago Payments Ltd (an online payment solutions company) and Chaka (the go-to application for African individuals and companies investing globally) has given me great knowledge about fintech companies and how they are providing opportunities for the unbanked and underserved communities throughout Africa.

I have gained new insights, especially from working with Chaka technologies, on trading and how the stock market works. I can now use these new skills and knowledge acquired while working with both project partners to enhance my financial literacy.

As a team, we contributed different experiences shaped by our diverse background in order to cover all skill sets and that brings a lot of differences and can be challenging, but it is very rewarding to see each team member grow throughout the process and collective outputs

More importantly, this project has helped me to develop a spirit of self empowerment and unity among the members of my team that I will carry over to other future projects.

I really enjoy projects that present unique challenges, as they keep my curious mind busy. I enjoy being part of this project as it improves my organizational skills and it requires me to think outside the box in order to meet all project deadlines.

My team and I are dedicated to making this project a success as we believe dedication, hard work and patience are the fundamentals to achieving greatness in life.

I am honored to be part of this project as I believe it will provide more opportunities for me to use the skills that I am currently acquiring from the LIFT experience to advance my career and allow partnerships for future projects.

Ibrahim Garba:

The LIFT capstone project has helped me tremendously in connecting with fellow entrepreneurs and young changemakers from different parts of the continent.

The privilege to work in a team with people of different cultures, backgrounds and shared is transformational and introspective.

The real (virtual) working environment that Shago Payments Ltd and Chaka have provided has given me great credibility as an entrepreneur and young innovator.

Overall, the LIFT capstone project has exposed me to many tools that have enhanced my business and digital skills in the age of COVID-19.

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