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An eventful two days: The key takeaways from the Ignite Innovation for Climate Change (ICC).

Where to begin! The Ignite Innovation for Climate Change virtual challenge was filled with lots of talking points which held great significance. We had conversations with some of the leading names and organisations in climate action, while we were also joined by vibrant youth from across the African continent looking to use the Human Centered Design (HCD) thinking process to draw up innovative solutions to the impact/effects of climate change. Here is our round up of the most interesting bits from ICC virtual challenge 2021. You can also watch both days of the virtuals challenge on our youtube channel.

WOMENVAI leads the way in the conversation on climate action

The ICC virtual challenge was honoured by the presence of a very strong organisation in climate action. WOmen and Men in ENVironment and Artificial Intelligence, or WOMENVAI, was represented by three of its co-founders Yvette Ramos, Asma Brini and Betty Bonnardel-Azzarelli.

Yvette opened the panel discussion session on the first day with an insightful as well as empowering conversation on adaptation and resilience to destructive weather. in which she opened up on the need for mitigation of the climate crisis especially by the more developed countries. “The developed countries are the greatest emitters of greenhouse gases” and youth should be the driving force behind this call to action as they will inherit this future.

Asma Brini was also present and her wealth of experience in the field of Information Technology services, particularly with ABSHORE, helped break down the role of IT in adapting to more sustainable futures. “There is space for Data Science and ‘Green IT’” she said of the drive towards businesses that are environmentally friendly and sustainable. “You cannot talk of Adaptation without Information Technology. Watch the short video below to watch this part of the discussion.

Other key conversations with our guest speakers and panelists, including Betty Bonnardel-Azzarelli, Elizabeth Mwangi and Glory Oguegbu, can be found in our ICC Youtube playlist.

Bright, Innovative ideas.

Team 3: Winner- ICC virtual challenge 1st place, Waste Cycle Solution.

(Grace Udofia, Hussain Hamzah, Ruvimbo Njowa, Sefiyat Adebiyi, Tiwalade Aderemi, Tryphine Kemigisha)

While Team 3 walked away with 1st prize for their waste cycle solution (an online marketplace that helps people capture value from their waste and also track indiscriminate waste disposal by waste collection companies), all teams put forward strong and compelling pitches of their HCD innovations and the judges attested to the narrow margins by which they had to work with to choose the prize winners.

Team 4: Runner-ups- ICC virtual challenge 2nd place, Greennovation by Greenovators.

(Chipo Mataka, Douglas Sabo, Ekeoma Nwankwo, Esther Oluwatoyin, Hind Daniels)

Team 4's solution certainly had the catchiest name- Greenovation by Greenovators. They aimed to equip communities with the knowledge and skills in proper waste management and afforestation.

Team 1: Eco-fashion.

(Bethelia Omokaro, Opus Anthony, Kafuuma Gilbert, Abdulhammed Babatunde, Omega Samuel Chinemerem)

Team 1 came up with Eco-fashion, an innovative business model which uses locally woven fabrics that are biodegradable, sustainable and locally available, Instead of artificial or plastic fabric. while

Team 2: Farmers IT Kit

(Joseph Anyawu, Joseph Ante, Kelo Uchendu, Lionceau AGRE, Michael Ogar, Shofu Babaloa)

Team 2 pitched Farmers IT Kit- A smart hardware device that works with an intelligent electronic sensor which collects micro-climate data that is wirelessly transmitted to a cloud server. The farmer receives actionable data via the mobile app or web app portal.

Team 5: Plastic recycling

(Uchenna Udoji, Fater Bibi, Comfort Garadi, Cletus Baalongbuoro, Uyeh Member)

Team 5 proposed a business model that uses recycled plastic to create artwork and jewellery.

*The full pitches of the solutions are on our Day 2 recording on YouTube

Say cheese! A few snaps from the ICC virtual challenge 2021

What's next?

Inspire Africa still has a number of exciting program on the horizon including a documentary on climate change in the lead up to the UN Conference of the Parties COP26, The Orators, and Cascador 2021.

ICC Documentary

Inspire Africa’s Communications and Digital Media Lead, David Makoni, will be creating a documentary highlighting the challenges that African communities face especially in terms of acute water shortage and energy transition. You can be a part of this project by sharing a short video of your work/experience in climate action, or simply tell your experience of climate change from wherever you are.


The Cascador program helps mid-stage entrepreneurs grow their businesses and their interpersonal skills by working with successful American and Nigerian entrepreneurs.

Do you want to test your Public Speaking skills?

The Orators is Nigeria’s Premier Public Speaking Contest. It’s an intensive, in-depth public speaking competition, designed to build the oratory, leadership and innovation skills of young leaders between the ages of 18 - 25. Prizes to be won!

Join the ICC Slack Channel

For more conversations on how we can foster adaptation and resilience to the climate crisis in Africa, join our slack channel today.

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