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Cynthia Mene,

Co-Founder and CEO

Cynthia Mene, a Nigerian social innovator, design thinking expert and talent builder serves as the CEO and co-founder of Inspire Africa for Global Impacts Initiative, a non-profit delivering entrepreneurial leadership education to African youth. under her leadership, Inspire Africa has trained over 3,000 youth in Nigeria, Ghana and Tanzania, funded 120 business ventures, and created over 300 jobs. She sold her first venture--a biodegradable, non-toxic soap business called EverGlow--in 2015 that employed 10 permanent staff, and a salesforce of 150 women before it was acquired in 2015. Subsequently, she launched the Kadosh Production Company (KPC), a sustainable cassava processing facility that enables female farmers to mechanically process and package crops, increasing yields and income by 30%. KPC has improved the living standards of 500 female smallholder farmers.
Outside Inspire Africa, Cynthia currently freelance for Ashoka as a Global Facilitator and Changemaker. She previously worked as the Head of Operations for Vetsark, a Nigerian data science technology firm that helps livestock farmers and veterinarians digitize their animal healthcare records to predict and detect pests and diseases. The solution is being used by 40 countries and has been funded by Google and Facebook.
Cynthia has received numerous awards for her work, including the United States African Development Fund Award, Unilever’s Sustainable Living Young Entrepreneurs Award, Global Student Entrepreneurs Award, Innovation Prize for Africans Post Prize Awards, and Global Innovation through Science and Technology Awards. She is a 2018 Global Good Fund Fellow, 2015 Mandela Washington YALI Fellow, Mercy Corps Game Changer Awards, UNLEASH Innovation Award, and LEAP Africa Social Innovators Fellow. Cynthia holds a BSc in Textile Science and Polymer Technology from Ahmadu Bello University and a Master in Global Affairs from, University of Notre Dame, U.S.A.

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